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2 terrapins full set up- 320 litre tank and high quality filter in Canterbury



2 male Terrapins; a False Map turtle 4 years old (11cm) and a Cumberland turtle 3 years old (9cm)

Comes with:
320 litre fish holding tank (RRP 95)

External filter "Eheim professional 4+600" (RRP £190)

Aquarium heater "Fluval E series 300w" (RRP £35)

Brand new UVB bulb "Reptisun 10.0 13w" (RRP £15)

Heat bulb 75w (RRP £15)

2 ceramic lamps that are in the picture (RRP £20 together)

a 45oz tub of premium quality turtle pellets "zoo med maintenence formula" (RRP £20)

an above the tank basking dock which i made DIY

I've had these terrapins for over 3 years & have cared for them greatly however it is not possible for me to continue housing them now that I'm at university.

They've lived together happily the whole time I've had them & even before that time. They're perfectly healthy and active. You can hand feed them and at times let them walk around out of the tank.

It would be preferable for you to collect them from me unless you didn't buy the tank with them and had your own tank then I may be able to sort transport in some cases. The tank also sits on crates which is essential for proper functioning of the filter. I'll happily give you these crates if you can collect.

I've researched their care requirements in great depth & would be more than happy to let you know anything that you're unaware of. Caring for them is simple once you know how to.

Feeding them is incredibly cheap. One head of lettuce will last them at least two weeks so it helps if you store it correctly. The other main thing in their diet is store bought food pellets which are very good value for money.

All the equipment works like brand new & I'll deep clean the tank and filter before giving it to you.

Message me for more details & more photos of either the terrapins or their set up

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