Tortoise, vivarium, hibernation box and accessories in Cardiff


Male horsefield for sale.
Approx. 6 years old
I've had him for 3-4 years.

Tortoise comes with:
* Vivarium (approx. 138cm width, 57cm height, 50cm depth)
* wooden, insulated, hand made hibernation box with sleeping tortoise (wooden) on the side. Includes thermometer. Paid £80.00 for it. Used about 3 times so far.
* Arcadia lighting system with Komodo basking spot bulb
* UV light system attached
* heat mat mounted on back of vivarium (this can be moved around)
* large wooden log
* piece of slate
* feeding bowl
* water bowl
* 2 plants
* tortoise bedding
* deep clean disinfectant spray
* T. rex dry formula food
* 2 tortoise ornaments for outside (his outdoor friends). They are approx the same size as the tortoise
* other accessories e.g. cuttlefish bones

Selling because I have recently had a baby and we have another on the way. We just don't have the time to care for him properly anymore.

The tortoise will need access to a garden in sunny weather and access to his warm vivarium when it is cold/ raining. He loves sunbathing outside.

He likes a range of food such as sweetcorn, salad, cooked green beans etc.
Collection only. I live in Cardiff.

Feel free to ask questions. I can also provide more photos if requested.

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