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Quality Bred Ferrets 4 Litters to Choose from in Stoke On Trent

10 Weeks
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All my Ferrets are carefully bred to gain the best attributes from their Mother and Father and to breed out any genetic flaws or bad traits. This bloodline has been owned and bred by myself for over 20 years old.

I have bred 4 litters this year with my 1-year old Sandy coloured Hob (Newbie), I purchased him from a reputable breeder to bring an outside blood line into my own line and increase hybrid vigour. He is easy to handle, has a playful nature and worked really well last season.

Litter 1. Sun. Ready to leave (10 weeks) 04/06/2018
Mother is Polecat coloured 1 year old, she is also good natured, handles well and works well. Litter DOB: 26/03/2018. Size 8. 2 Hobs. 6 Jills.

Litter 2. Moon. Ready to leave (10 weeks) 09/06/2018
Mother is Polecat coloured 1 year old, she is a little temperamental and does give a playful nip once she's had enough fuss. Works very hard underground. Litter DOB: 31/03/2018. Size 7. 6 Hobs. 1 Jill.

Litter 3. Rita. Ready to leave (10 weeks) 15/07/2018
Mother is Polecat coloured 2-year-old and is my best working Jill and is fierce underground, she does mouth a little when she gets excited. Litter DOB: 06/05/2018. Size 8. 5 Hobs. 3 Jills.

Litter 4. Sandy. Ready to leave (10 weeks) 23/07/2018
Mother is Sandy coloured 1 year old, she is good natured, handles well and is an enthusiastic worker. Litter DOB: 14/05/2018. Size 5. 2 Hobs. 3 Jills.

All the kits have been well handled from 4 weeks, weaned and wormed at 6 weeks using Panacur 10% Oral Suppression Liquid.

All my Ferrets are fed on a complete Ferret food (dry mix), Rabbits, Hares, Wood Pigeons and Crows all caught or shot by myself with steel shot (no lead). All my Ferrets are working animals and you will see when you come to view that I take the health and welfare of my ferrets very seriously.

My Ferrets are wormed every 6 months using Panacur 10% Oral Suppression Liquid, the health and wellbeing is a priority of mine regardless of the cost, a Ferret may cost a small amount of money, but the time and attention that I have invested into this line is unmeasurable.

All my Ferrets will be sold with a useful information sheet and continued after sales support/advice.

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