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Wireless Invisible Earpiece Camera for Cheating on Tests Exam Microauricular in Saffron Walden



Cheat on tests with absolute discretion!
The best wireless and invisible earpiece for cheating on tests: wireless communication without being caught.
Finally, your nerdy classmates can tell you all the answers!

What's a Microauricular?
The Microauricular is a discrete communication device designed to cheat on tests and exams. The Microauricular consists of an invisible earpiece the size of a rice grain that you put into your ear. Through the earpiece you'll be able to listen to your partner crystal clear and in a discrete manner.
Passing an exam has never been so easy! The Microauricular invisible earpiece is the smallest device in the world for cheating on tests.

How does our earpiece work?
Connect your Microauricular to your cell phone, place the inductive necklace around your neck and introduce the wireless invisible earpiece into your ear.
Once installed, any of our models of Microauricular invisible earpieces will help you cheat on any test. Go to your exam and once there, call the person that'll give you a helping hand with your test. You'll follow the conversation through the earpiece hidden in your ear, and speak into the microphone in a quiet whisper.

Want to know more?
The earpiece won't be visible to any observers, and nobody will be able to hear it but you. Perfect for cheating on tests.

Pure compatibility:
Microauricular are compatible with all cell phones and MP3 player.
Your cell phone Communicate using the earpiece with your classmate located outside the classroom simply by making a phone call.

The inductive collar sends sound to the earpiece without any visible cables. The perfect device to cheat on exams!

Cell phone compatibility:
Connect the earpiece to your cell phone via jack plug in or bluetooth and make a phone call.

MP3 Compatible:
Record all the answers to your test beforehand and then listen to them while you take the exam!

Complete equipment:
Each Microauricular model includes all you need to cheat on your tests. You only have to add your cell phone.

The best technology:
Microauricular is the ultimate device to cheat on tests and exams. We use the best manufacturing procedures.

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