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Avantgarde Acoustic Duo 2.1 Horn Speakers in Edinburgh



==== Speakers Avantgarde Acoustic Duo 2.1 ==== #

This pair of Avantgarde Acoustic Duo 2.1 speakers is in excellent condition and sounds fantatic. Set is finished in the optional custom automotive metallic lacquer Silver finish on the horns & back plates with Nextel on 225 CTRL subwoofers. Pair will come with jumpers & power cords

As the most popular speaker Avantgarde has designed the Duo changed the way audiophiles perceived horns speakers as they exibit non of the shout or honk and that was associated with the type. And at 103dB efficiency Dou's allow the dynamics only horn designs can produced, letting listener get even closer to that of live sound.

The duo's are also one of those rare high end speakers that look as good as they sound - their superb industrial design is like functional art and can fit in with both classic and modern decor.

History - this beautiful set of speakers was purchased new April 2000 and have been making superb sound ever since.

Condition - Set is in excellent condition with only the most minor abrasions on the black textured horn cans and frame uprights from assembly and disassembly. Silver painted surfaces are an in pristine condition.

3-way loudspeaker with horn-loaded tweeter and midrange. Self-powered dynamic driver bass.

Powered Bass section has speaker level inputs for easy hookup in any system - International bidders please note the powered bass section is set for 120 Volt operation so you should consult with Avantgarde's importer in your county to make sure they can be converted for 240V operation

Frequency response: Horn section 170Hz to 20,000Hz ?Pro 225 subwoofer 22Hz to 200Hz

Power Handling:150 watts

Sensitivity: >103dB/W/m

Nominal Impedance: 8 ohm

Recommended Power: >5 watts

Overall Dimensions: 28 x 26.8 x 61

Shipping is a available worldwide.

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