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Functional Skills English - TFL LONDON TAXI AND PRIVATE HIRE in Barking and Dagenham



This course is an ideal qualification for anyone wishing to develop practical, transferable skills in English in order to work confidently, effectively and independently in life. It is suitable for a wide range of individuals and is fundamental to the successful completion of various wider qualifications and frameworks, such as Foundation Learning, the Diploma and Apprenticeships.

These courses are aimed at developing your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills at Entry 1, 2, 3 and Level 1.

Functional skills level 1 is equivalent to the B1 that all TFL TAXI DRIVERS require. You can also pass at Entry level 3 for your TFL license.

Fees: £170.00 TFL You can also pass at Entry level 3 for their TFL license.

An initial assessment and a brief diagnosis assessment will be carried out on registration to determine the level of your English.

Core Subject
Reading and writing
Answer questions on information contained in short pieces of text
Read a list of statements and decide whether they are true or false
Read sentences or text that contain gaps and fill in the gaps
Write a short letter or story (about 100-150 words) on a given topic

Speaking and listening
Answer questions about familiar topics such as your home, work or interests
Prepare a topic to talk to the examiner about and then answer questions on the topic
Listen to an audio recording of someone talking or a conversation and then answer questions on what you have heard
Start a conversation with the examiner on a given topic

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