Penpal in difficult times in Leeds

Dear person feeling a bit down and lonely in these tricky times.
It's good to hear from you again, stick in there and keep strong. I don't think you'll go through a harder time than this in your life. Remember, like everything, it will pass and then just be another moment in your huge memory library. A hug would go a long way right now along with just someone being there beside you to share the burden. It would be good to take as much good from these times as we can. It's taught us the importance of the company of others and given us the time to pause and assess our lives. Are we really doing what we want? Or are we just chasing our own tails. Anyway, that is enough philosophy for this letter. Quick survival tip of the day. Choose a different subject to study/read/YouTube each week eg dinosaurs/famous paintings of the world/the top 10 musicals/basic German/learn how to juggle/write letters or stories to a friend. You might realise you really like one of them and find a hobby for life!
Take care, write soon and don't forget to cut your hair and shave your legs. Lockdown is no excuse for laziness :)

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