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Want to make a contribution to autism research? in Manchester



We are seeking volunteers for a study investigating the perception and experience of time in autism.

Our sense of time and duration are essential to how we experience, and interact with, the world around us. There are many reports that autistic people experience and perceive time differently to non-autistic people. However, to date timing has not been well characterised in autism and the extent to which differences in timing may cause problems is unknown.

We are seeking volunteers for a research project which will systematically investigate the experience and perception of time in autism spectrum condition. This will involve completing tasks requiring judgements about the timing of beeps and flashes. Participants will also be asked to complete brief questionnaires about their everyday experiences.

We are recruiting adults with a diagnosis of autism who are:
-aged between 18-45
- have normal or corrected vision and hearing (glasses are OK)
- native English speakers who are able to read written English and communicate verbally in English

All parts of the study will be conducted in the Zochonis Building, University of Manchester. Participants will be compensated for their time and reasonable travel expenses.

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