LOST AT SEA 3D Mechanical moving kit (tribute to Titanic) by Metal Time brand in Monmouth


Choosing ship models to create a designer, the "Metal time" engineers, first of all, turned to the history of the early 20th century's most impeccable and named the model "Lost at Sea." In this model, you can find the era's super-steamers' features, magnificence, power, and grace. Two propellers, four pipes, four decks, anchors with chains, and hold rooms with a gearbox and an electric motor - this ship will excite everyone who is concerned about technical masterpieces.

The models' numerous components and parts will give you the joy of technical creativity for many priceless hours. The metal taming and the fulfilment of the obtained outcome will leave a remarkable impression and a sense of belonging to the significant creations of the past. The Lost at Sea is a tribute to the inventor's audacity and the courage of the crews of the 20th century's great steamers.

Therefore, the Lost at Sea model should undeniably become a part of your collection.

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