Cedral Click Cladding (C18 Slate Grey) approx. 11.8m2 in Southampton


I have spare 16 full-lengths (each length is 3600mm) and 2 x 2930mm lengths which will cover approximately 11.8m2. Includes a bag of Click Clips (200+) and some screw fixings (60+).

"Cedral Click Fibre Cement Cladding is a Low Maintenance, Rot Resistant, Factory Painted, Fire Resistant Cladding Board.

Each length is 186mm wide x 3600mm long x 12mm thick.

Cedral Click is an interlocking, flush-fitting cladding board that is fixed with stainless steel clips and screws as opposed to screw fixing through the face of the board like you do with the standard Cedral Lap System".

There are some chips to the edges on a couple of lengths where they have been moved about but these can easily be painted (they do a special touch-up paint for it).

Please visit the Cedral website for more info and full specification.

And note, the planks are quite heavy as well (12.2kg each) so due to weight and length, this is for collection only.

Any questions please ask.

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