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Homemerce is pleased to offer you the largest selection of home decor products at affordable prices. We sell different types of covings and cornices as well as walls panels in different shapes and sizes to match your preferences! The categories of products that we sell include:

Uplighting Covings - stylish covings that let you install LED lights that will shine towards your ceiling

Sidelighting Covings - stylish coving that let you install LED lights that will shine towards your walls

Indirect Lighting Covings - stylish coving that let you install LED lights that will shine from within the coving

Downlights Covings - stylish coving that let you install downlights inside

Ceiling Covings - stylish coving that can decorate your ceiling

Wall Covings - stylish coving that will decorate the top of your walls

Curtain Cover Covings - stylish coving that can be installed above your curtains to hide curtain pole or curtain rail

Dado rails

Also in our store:

---- Exterior mouldings in over 200 variation

And many more Home Decor products to choose from...

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Our products are made of quality material

Below you can find a list that includes some more information about our products:

High density and easy-to-fit lightweight Polystyrene coving that provides a perfect finish
Adds a great aesthetic to the room
Easy and quick installation by one person
Lightweight material
No screws or nails required
The same adhesive can be used for quick fixing
Ready to paint finish using water-based paint
Moisture resistant to minimize damage from humidity
Durable and shock-resistant
Perfect for DIY & ideal for high-end projects
We are also offering premium models that are coated for better effect!

If you are looking for exterior mouldings and exterior design, then we have a lot in store for you as well!
We are no1 supplier of the exterior mouldings on the UK market!

All our exterior products are coated which protects them against ever-changing weather conditions.
Can't find what you are looking for?

We are always open for custom orders where we can match the size of our covings and exterior mouldings to your specific needs. Simply tell us your requirements and we will do all we can to ensure that you get exactly what you need!

Thank you for your time and hope to see you on our website!


We are also selling on eBay and Amazon!

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