Soldering iron kit with Multimeter £ 30 in Havering


Soldering iron kit with Multimeter £ 30
Soldering Iron Kit includes a soldering iron 60W with variable temperature control, stand, desoldering pump, solder wire, 5 x spare soldering iron bits, set of pcb tools, tweezers, and includes a carry case.
( price for soldering iron kit only is £20 )
Digital multimeter ( NEW + BOXED )
DC Voltage : ranges 200mV, 2V, 20V, 200V and 500V.
AC Voltage : ranges 200V and 500V.
DC Current : ranges 200uA, 2mA, 20mA, 200mA and 5A
Resistance : ranges 200, 2k, 20k, 200k and 2M.
Diode test and continuity buzzer function.
hFE transistor test function adaptor included.
Hold switch for the last reading to be shown. Backlight option switch.
Includes 9V battery, test leads and instruction booklet.
( price for multimeter only is £10 )
Collection ( safe pick up )
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