Desktop PC in Exeter

Small Home PC ideal for student, office, kids bedroom or even the lounge. Built originally by myself for the wife to watch YouTube and movies on her TV but I've since built her a monster PC so I can game in the living room if she kicks me out of the bedroom.

Anyway I digress, I've been building PC's for years and have too many PC's lying around. It's immaculate as it was hardly used and always covered. Windows 10, 4GB Ram (Corsair ), DVD Drive, AMD Radeon R9 GPU (MSI), ASRock Motherboard (1155), Corsair PSU, Intel CPU (i3). In short all quality branded parts and not cheap unbranded rubbish. The case front still has the peel off plastic cover on the front.

If you want to see it running i.e. screengrab or video let me know, or a screengrab of the specs as I couldn't remember all off hand. It's not a high end rocket ship but it's a bargain, and does what it says on the tin.

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