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NEW Custom Built Gaming PC great for the latest AAA Computer Games Best Computer Repair Hand Built in Bridgend

1 week ago


Hello :)

My name is Eric, CEO of Best Computer Repair dot co dot UK (Yes we are on Bing, Duckduck, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok etc)

(Actual PC for sale in Pics £3194 i9 13th gen, 1K on board alone, 1k on Graphics, 64gb ram, 2tb SSD etc. but we can create you anything to match your budget, starting at £1250 for custom-built and £777 off the shelf gaming/tower only)

If you want a great gaming PC (or PC for any other use) and want to ensure the best bang for your buck, then you've clicked on the right ad.

Just let me know how much you are able to spend, and I'll squeeze every penny to get you the best price. Not only that, I'll help you cut through the jargon, so you know not only *what* you're getting, but also *why*

Our (Professional) gaming PCs start at £1250 (£220 office off the shelf i7 renewed or above) because below this, too many compromises need to be made, and I want you to be happy with your purchase. Nothing leaves the workshop that I wouldn't use myself.

2 Years Parts & 5 Years Labour (PC)
Lifetime technical support

(Available add-on)
Installation along with cybersecurity setup for just £65

We also offer repairs and upgrades along with custom-builds, please send me a message if you have something specific in mind. With over 25 years of experience, so I am always more than able to help!

*But why choose Best Computer Repair over the rest?*

We are not some 6 yacht billionaire selling your information for profit, we care about our customers along with help plus actively protect your personal data.

We use our experience in the IT, computer repair, custom-builds along with cybersecurity of more than 25 years to select the products best suited for customers who want the best.

HMRC and VAT Registered. We pay our taxes and all our technicians are fully registered.

Every quote is explained in plain English so that you understand not only what you're buying, but WHY.

Exemplary service record, see our reviews on Facebook, Trustpilot, and Google Maps (just ask for a link!)

Immaculate build quality. Rigorous stress testing, cable management, and part choices.

Fair and honest pricing with no pointless upsells. We know how to get the best performance for your hard-earned money.

Friendly local service with the best warranty around. In the unlikely event of an issue, we can usually get it sorted within a matter of days, or even the same day. No packaging up your PC and shipping it off, waiting weeks to get it back!

We provide an easy-to-follow setup guide that shows you everything from unboxing the PC, to set up games, to common customer queries. A video version is also currently in production. So even if you're new to PC, you'll be up and running in no time.

Best Computer Repair has very high standards. Nothing goes out of the door that we would not use ourselves.

*Why shouldn't you choose Best Computer Repair?*

If you want something cheap - cheap PCs are cheap for a reason. It upsets us when we see people sold a PC with the promise of great gaming, when in reality it's just an office PC with some fancy lights glued on.

Our prices start at £337.62 for this Laptop. Because really, below this price point, we believe buying a PC at all, would just be a waste of money. You make too many compromises that we are not comfortable making for a lower price!

Free Next Day Delivery

In general, all payments are made in full before you receive the PC, just like buying from anywhere else.

Pay via:
- Bank Transfer
- Checkout or Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard etc)

Full Payment options:
Chip and PIN card reader (No fee)
Bank transfer via invoice (No fee)
Website payment (No fee)
Instalments (0% Interest)
Cash (No fee)

Thank you for your time,
Eric Luis
CEO - Best Computer Repair

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