CPU- AMD Phenom X4 9100e 1.8GHz 4x512KB L2/2MB L3 Socket AM2+ Quad-Core CPU in Belper


Taken from working system, never overclocked. Selling as upgraded CPU. Postage available at extra cost on request.
AMD Phenom X4 9100e 1.8 GHz Socket AM2+ Quad-Core CPU General Features:
AMD Phenom X4 Quad-Core Processor 9100e model number 1800 MHz frequency (1.8 GHz) 2 MB L3 Cache
4 x 512 KB L2 Cache 4 x 128 KB L1 Cache Socket AM2+ 32/64-bit operating mode B2 revision
1.10, 1.125, 1.15 voltages 61 C maximum temperature 65 watts 65 nm SOI CMOS technology
True Multi-Core Design
Postage would be and extra £3.50 if required

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