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Scott's Solution Body Odor Removal in Leyton

177 weeks ago


The Worlds First Smart-Deodorant
Scott's solution uk

Finally a deodorant that does not only mask the smell of Body Odour but removes it from the source by gently removing the odour causing bacteria safely and 100% effectively.

Scott's Solution will keep you fresh and clean no matter what you doing. It's anti-bacteria formula is designed to be used on any area of your body from the neck down. It will keep your skin hygienic and you smelling and feeling fresh. Use as you would regular deodorant BUT Scott's Solution is so much more than deodorant.

Perfect for everyday use as well as:
Hospitality industry, where you're on your feet all day but have to stay hygienic.
Hikers and campers, Scott's Solution will clean your hands & body with no water required.
Fisherman, when your're camping out keep your hands, armpits etc bacteria free and smelling fresh.
Hitting the gym? Scott's Solution will keep you smelling fresh without blocking your pores.

It's a revolutionary deodorant that will benefit you in any situation.
Designed for everyday use.

The ultra moisturising formula is paraben, aluminum, triclosan and phthalate free. The solution does contain an anti-bacterial alcohol denat as well as coconut and peppermint and a skin loving witch hazel which can be used on the areas that need it most from the neck down. For use on the armpits, hands, neck, feet and chest. Simply spray it on and gentle spread the solution in.

The formula will leave a brief fresh fragrance of peppermint and coconut which quickly evaporates on your skin leaving your clean, and now natural, scent behind and your true, natural scent has long been considered the ultimate aphrodisiac by scientists.

Formulated for both men and woman for use on the areas that need it most for all day confidence and long lasting freshness.

Designed and formulated in Great Britain, no gimmicks, no false promises, money back guaranteed results.


Our Charity

Spray for change
A revolutionary deodorant for a better tomorrow

Scott's Solution is dedicated to making a real difference in the world. That's why every time Scott's Solution Body Odour Neutraliser is purchased, a person in need is helped.

We've called this campaign Spray For Change.

Our policy is simple, for every online sale we make 20p is donated to the charity Porridge and Rice. This donation goes to schools in Africa that teach self-sustainment. Every purchase of Scott's Solution will help provide:
-two well balanced meals a day to each child (and teacher)
-further educational training for teachers to improve overall education levels
-agriculture and sustainability courses provided in vegetable and chicken farming
-mains electricity, water tanks and accredited Health and Hygiene programmes
-Rights and Gender Programmes which address underlying gender imbalance issues that exists in many African countries
-building extra classrooms and kitchens and improving toilet provisions amongst many other things

Scott's Solution is a revolutionary new type of deodorant designed for a better future for you and a better future for a person in need.

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