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GIGER MD - Would Cost Over £25,000 To Buy Now in Rayleigh

12 weeks ago


The GIGER MD medical device is a high-tech therapy instrument, which has been perfected and proven for decades.

I bought it for my wife who had a stroke some years ago and she no longer needs it as it has fully served its purpose and she has recovered the required motions.

This one has the computer, two screens (one overhead) and the software.
Physio Clinics charge about £50 per 40 minutes for the use of this equipment so it would be ideal for a Clinic to extend their offer or for domestic use if you have the space.

Good for:

Cerebral Palsy
Spina Bifida
Brain Injuries
Para- and Quadriplegia
Multiple Sclerosis
Joint and Back Problems
Circulatory Disorders

See the Giger MD web site or YouTube for more in depth information

Training with the GIGER MD medical device is not only highly effective. It is also a particularly pleasant experience for any patient, especially for anguished patients and those who are severely impaired their movement.

With the aid of the therapy instrument, they undergo constant full-body movement in an almost weightless state - this is harmonious, completely painless and fatigueless. Merely the relief from the bodyweight leads to an improvement of symptoms in many cases.

Therein, the intensity of GIGER MD medical device is unmatched. More than 30,000 joint movements are possible in 20 minutes. This, together with coordinated movement patterns that are clocked down to the millisecond level, makes for amazing treatment results even in case of severe neurological injury and disease.

For over thirty years, the GIGER MD therapeutic method has been used successfully - in doctor's offices and physical therapy clinics, hospitals or patients' homes. Numerous medical studies document the outstanding efficacy of this therapy in case of neurological diseases and injuries such as:

Improvement of motor functions (for example, walking or grasping)
Strengthening the muscles and balance
Reduction of misalignments
Reduction of spasticity, rigor and tremor
Improvement in cardiovascular functions and respiratory functions

Email contact preferred initially - thanks.

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