Hardwood offcuts for wood burner, pizza oven, chimenea & fire pit - high quality in Cowpe


High quality hardwood off-cuts for wood burners, pizza ovens, chimeneas & fire pits.

Our hardwood off-cuts (kindling) are cut at approximately 200mm/8 inches of various thicknesses ranging from slithers at 25 x 3 mm (which are ideal to start the fire with) to 30 x 60 mm.

The bundles are a combination of oak, beech, ash and walnut amongst other hardwood varieties. Hardwoods are dense and burn slowly and do not spit like softwood does.

The main photograph with the wood displayed in the coffee jute/hessian bag is for the supply of 24kg only. Dimensions are approx. 500 x 500 x 550mm. This ready made wood store will look fabulous in your home to display your wood. Coffee sacks designs will vary per order.

The advert price is for 24kg with free delivery to the local area.

The sturdy wooden box contains the 11kg only bundle. Dimensions 31 x 31 x 23cm.

The tied bundle pictured is for 3kg and the dimensions are approximately 200 x 240 x 110mm.

Please contact me if you have any different requirements.

Thank you.

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