Irish Pot Toppers Wool Blend x 40 2 litre size in Ballymena


Irish Pot Toppers Wool Blend x 40 to suit 2 litre pots they measure approximately 16.5cm in diameter by 8mm thickness. Made from 85% sheep's wool has two sides one that is shiny you place this down to the soil this is like very thin plastic covering with micro-pore holes punched in the plastic. Keep the rough side facing upwards.

This product is made in Northern Ireland used mostly on commercial plant nurseries but also for amateur gardeners. Made of a wool blend this helps to prevent weeds around the plant growing as it blocks out the light, keep moisture in and stops the plants from drying out, Deters slugs and snails they do not like going over wool fibres, releases nutrients to the plant as is biodegrades naturally over time. Ideal to put these covers on your pots or around newly potted or planted garden plants. The toppers have cuts in them to allow you to get a good tight fit around your plant and to block out light thus preventing weed growth. The covers fit onto 2 litre pots and when wet do not blow off they stay tight to the soil surface.

Ideal for the allotment gardener who does not have time to weed his pots or vegetable plots put a cover around newly planted seedlings off lettuce, cabbage, strawberries you name it any type of plant it acts as good insulation keeping the area around the plant stem protected and will thus yield in better crops and plants.

Price includes UK postage.

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