MP-8000 Multi Purpose Ozone Generator. in Taunton

The MP-8000 is designed for heavy duty jobs. The MP Unit is equipped with an internal air compressor and an Oxygen feed 'hook-up'.
The MP-8000 Ozone Generator is designed for a heavy duty variety of applications. This machine outputs 8000 mg/hr ozone and is typically used to purify water in emergency storage, well water, city water, spas, bathtubs and fountains.
Ozone Shock Treatment is the safest and fastest approach to eliminating unpleasant odours in business environments. Ozone totally eradicates (NOT masks) odours and, next to Chlorine (which is poisonous and smelly) is the most efficient odour elimination known. After destruction of the odour(s) at a molecular level and completion of the procedure the ozone reverts to ambient air (the stuff we breathe) and because Ozone is entirely natural, leaving no chemicals, residue or harmful by products, is therefore the ideal eco-friendly and environmentally responsible solution for odour removal.
The Market Place for Ozone Odours(s) cleaning/removal is vast with little competition. Just SOME examples:- Taxi and Limousine Services, Car Dealerships, Estate Agents, Landlord and Property Managers (removing odours, including mould, before NEW Tenants are signed up), Hotels, Beauty and Hair Salons (the latter of which has some of the most polluted indoor air found in any Industry e.g. Perm solutions and relaxers, hair colouring and nail polish remover, release chemicals into the air. Salons also work with formaldehyde, bleach, ammonia and disinfectants, each contributing to poor air quality and odours.
*Corona discharge (CD) Technology
*Internal Air Compressor with Oxygen feed 'hook up'.
*Adjustable Ozone concentration from 40%-100%
*Adjustable Timer - 5 minutes to CONTINUOUS Ozone Output 24/7
*Stainless Steel Handle for easy portability.
*Quiet and Portable.
*Two x 2 metres PTFE tube included.
*Two x 2 " Oblong diffuser stones included.
*LED status indicators

375 Pounds with Free delvery to UK Mainland.

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