Commercial Shock Freezer, Blast Chiller, 2 years old Polar DN494 240litre - Price inc VAT. Capel in Dorking


2 YEARS OLD. Commercial Polar shock freezer, Blast chiller Model DN494-03. It is the 240 litre model. The price includes VAT.

It chills and freezes large quantities of food very quickly. It is ideal for both bottles and food. It Chills 40 kg food from +70C to +3C in 90 minutes. It Freezes 28 kg food from +70C to -18C in 240 minutes. It has 4 cycles - hard/soft chill and hard/soft freeze.
When accessing the freezer very frequently, it keeps a consistently cool temperature. It has castors that can be locked in place. It will need 10 x GN Pans that are not included in the new purchase.
The freezer measurements are 164cm high 80cm wide and 82cm deep. The freezer is stainless steel and in excellent working order. We are only selling it because we are now working on a much larger scale. It can be viewed in Capel Dorking.

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