WESTFIELD B200 N "As-Nu" + setup in Northampton


Presented in as new condition with the addition of having been setup with quality strings used. So, better than new in the box, as they always require attention to players comfort. Neck relief and level,, fingerboard treated so it ready to use with having a nice low easy action, intonation is as it should be so you have the right pitch and tone all over the fretboard. This, for the easy action alone, would make an Ideal guitar for the novice or the not so new player to get the excercises done with the added reward knowing you are getting the right sound required. Making it all the more welcoming to practice, after all...all the best tutoring on the most expensive guitar you can buy will not help you more than plenty of practice. So make it a pleasure to pickup a guitar that you can hold the strings down on and produce the sound you wish to get. And if thats doesnt encourage you to practicenthe price of the guitar wont break the bank. Read more

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Andy Ritchie
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