A Parallel Universe: A Quirky Memoir of Growing Up in 1960s New Zealand in Norwich


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Ah yes, the 1960s.... It was the era of single channel, chunky black and white television sets, party line telephones, The Beatles, mini skirts, and certain knowledge that New Zealand was way behind the rest of the world

"Impressive, amusing, intriguing" - Norman Bilbrough NZSA

"Absolutely brilliant! A skilful blend of wit and understatement" - Dr Marianne Tremaine, New Zealand Heritage Magazine.

New from prize-winning author Cheryl Nicol is this humorous and poignant memoir of a 1960s childhood. Evocative of the era and with a repertoire of acutely observed characters, this is a story of resilience and resourcefulness.

In the big picture New Zealand prospered. Materialism boomed, the economy flourished, brand-new houses dotted the suburbs.

In this delightfully nostalgic memoir, A Parallel Universe, as the title suggests, a different world existed. Cheryl Nicol's childhood memory of 60s life, was one of make-do.

"An amusing read yet a sobering reflection of a segment of New Zealand life in the 1960s, albeit one in which the author covers the good the bad and the difficult with honesty, sensitivity and a light-hearted touch throughout."

ISBN 978-0-473-39744-9

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