Antique Book, 1911 Phantasmagoria And other Poems, Lewis Carroll, Reprint Ed in Plymouth


This sale is for an antique copy of "Phantasmagoria and other poems" by Lewis Carroll. This reprint edition was printed in 1911 Macmillian and Co Limited and has illustrations by Arthur B Frost. The design is hardcover with original red cloth and gilt decoration on the front cover. It was also designed to be pocket size.

On the first page, there is an inscription that reads:-

"Sheila from 7.5.1920"

This book is in excellent condition for its age (please see the pictures) and is a rare example of this edition of the book. The ultimate gift for any book collector from a master words smith.

Book description from Wikipedia:-

"Phantasmagoria" is a poem written by Lewis Carroll and first published in 1869 as the opening poem of a collection of verse by Carroll entitled Phantasmagoria and Other Poems. The collection was also published under the name Rhyme? And Reason? It is Lewis Carroll's longest poem. Both the poem and the collection were illustrated by A.B. Frost.

"Phantasmagoria" is a narrative discussion written in seven cantos between a ghost (a Phantom) and a man named Tibbets. Carroll portrays the ghost as not so different from human beings: although ghosts may jibber and jangle their chains, they, like us, simply have a job to do and that job is to haunt. Just as in our society, in ghost society there is a hierarchy, and ghosts are answerable to the King (who must be addressed as "Your Royal Whiteness") if they disregard the "Maxims of Behaviour".

Ghosts, our Phantom tells the narrator, fear the same things that we often fear, only sometimes in the reverse:

"Allow me to remark
That ghosts has just as good a right,
In every way to fear the light,
As men to fear the dark."

Book Details:-

Author:- Lewis Carroll
Title:- Phantasmagoria and Other Poems
Edition:- 5th Edition, Reprint
Size:- Pocket Sized (10.5 x 15.5 cm Approx)
Date Published:- 1911
Type:- Hardcover
No of Pages:- 165
Print Location:- St. Martin's Street, London
Published by:- Macmillian and Co Limited
Binding:- Red Cloth Bound with Gilt decoration

Physical Condition:-

Binding:- Tight, no lose pages
Pages:- All present, none missing
Condition of Pages:- Some pages have some small brown areas (foxing)
Spine:- Excellent condition with some scuffs (see pictures)
Front & Rear Cover:- Excellent condition with some scuffs (see pictures)

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