1814, Antique, Very Rare, Byron's Poems - Four Poems, Leather Bound Hardback in Plymouth


This sale is for a rare, antique copy of "Byron's" Poems" by Lord Byron. It contains four of Lord Byron's poems including "The Giaour", "The Bride of Abydos", "The Corsair", and the "Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte" which was rarely published with other poems in the same volume. Published in 1814 in London by John Murray, this book is over 200 years old and is in fantastic condition, especially for the books ages (see below for detailed physical condition). The book also has a leather binding with both the front and rear cover having part leather covering to protect the books corners.

This book is a very rare example of both Lord Byrons skills as a poet and of physical books at the time the book was published.

About Lord Byron:-

"Byron's timeless work has become representative of British literature and poetry of the Romantic era, and he was a leading figure in the movement. Among the many great works of Lord George Gordon Byron (1788-1824) and the vastness of his influence of nobleman and career of politician, his poems are certainly his greatest masterpiece. Their beauty, skill, and depth of feeling and expression undoubtedly make him unique among all of his peers, and his works excellent in their genre."

About the Poems:-

"From June 1813 to February 1814, Byron published three verse tales informed by his travels in Greece, Turkey and the eastern Mediterranean in 1809-11. These tales instantly became hugely popular, rapidly went through many editions and consolidated and immensely enhanced his fame as a Romantic poet. The first of these, The Giaour, sub-titled "A Fragment of a Turkish Tale", dedicated to the poet Samuel Rogers, appeared in June 1813, The Bride of Abydos, dedicated to Lord Holland, in December 1813 and The Corsair, dedicated to Thomas Moore, in February 1814"

"The first and perhaps finest of Byron's Napoleonic poems, the 'Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte', was begun the day after Byron received news of Napoleon's abdication. Byron was devastated by the Emperor's fall and his failure to fulfil his grand destiny, in politics and as a human being. Rather than eulogising Napoleon, Byron criticises him for accepting abdication rather than taking his own life."

Book Details:-

Author:- Lord Byron

Title:- Byron's Poems

No of Poems in Book:- Four

Name & Edition of Each Poem:- The Giaour - A Fragment of a Turkish Tale (11th Ed), The Bride of Abydos - A Turkish Tale (8th Ed), The Corsair - A Tale (7th Ed), Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte (9th Ed).

Date Published:- 1814

Printed:- By Thomas Davison, Whitefriars

Print Location:- Whitefriars, London

Published:- By John Murray

Binding:- Leather Bound with gilt band decoration

Physical Condition:-

Binding:- Tight, no lose pages

Pages:- All present, none missing

Condition of Pages:- Some pages have some small brown areas (foxing)

Spine:- Excellent condition with some scuffs (see pictures)

Front & Rear Cover:- Excellent condition with some scuffs (see pictures)

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