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Flail mowers are available as self-powered ATV mowers or tractor mounted using a cat 1 three-point linkage system driven by the tractor PTO system (power take off). The Chapman professional range of ATV flail mowers are simply the Rolls Royce of flail mowers, fitted as standard with the 21HP V-Twin 4-stroke Honda engine.

With the build quality, components and specification above and beyond anything else on the market, these ATV flail mowers are available at very competitive prices. When the paddock topper mower is not man enough to cope, the ATV flail mower becomes the machine to get the job done.

A typical guide to know what type of mower you require; Topper or Flail?

When mowing fields, horse paddocks or parkland and the terrain is not too undulating or you want to cut overgrown grass, weeds, docks, nettles and thistles, then a paddock topper would be the ideal machine.

When the terrain becomes very uneven and rough, typically scrubland, moors where you need to cut through saplings, heather, and brambles, then you need a heavy-duty ATV flail mower.

Our ATV flail mower range is built to tackle a multitude of tasks and is used in paddock maintenance for controlling and reducing weeds in the paddocks, cutting down docks, nettles, thistles, and bracken, thus encouraging strong, healthy grass growth. It is also the ideal mower for cutting down overgrown brambles in woodland areas and for fire break mowing, where heather and saplings need to be cut down.

ATV Flail Mowers with 24-month Warranty!


ATV Flail Mower FM120 price quoted is ex vat

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