Trakker Big Snooze , 3 season, sleeping bag and Trakker XL pillow, UNUSED in Spalding


Selling Price : £60.00 (I paid more than the asking price as you would imagine)

Item History : I purchased this set, very recently, for a specific reason and it had nothing to do with overnight fishing for Carp or any other species of fish. Not wishing to bore you, but it is a story which is too long to detail, but suffice is to say, that within a few days of delivery, I did not have to use it for its' intended purpose, so, I never got to use this set. I do not do overnighters for any fish anymore. I've had this set for less than 2 weeks. As new, unused and in superb and excellent condition. See the photos and judge for yourself.

Reason for sale : I hardly go fishing anymore and I have too much gear to warrant the little time I spend on fishing. I shall leave myself with 'just enough' tackle to have a good day out and that'll be my lot ! !

Collection or Post : Your choice.

I have a mountain of fishing tackle for sale. Anyone interested in very detailed lists of sale items with photo's, then please reply to this FreeAd Advert and include your email address and/or a contact number if you want to and I'll email you the lists, and photo's if they are not uploaded onto Freeads, the prices paid, the price I'm looking for, or for you to make an offer where appropriate.
Thanks for your interest


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3 weeks ago
Gary Lee Moore
Jun 2021
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