Parachute rig. in Paignton


Parachute rig.
Complete setup ready to go.

container Javelin J4, (1998 Red Devils display team)

Main chute, Pilot 150, (170 jumps)

Reserve, PR -176, (2017, used by date 21 years away 2038)

Cypres, (2017, used by date 8 years away, the cypres indicates "the next possible maintaineance date" is November 2022

it is a complete setup ready to jump once you have got the reserve repack done.

This kit is in good condition, the main has been jumped 170 times, you have heard the joke of one careful owner who was a vicar! well ask away. The reserve has never been deployed outside of the repack. There is also an oxygen helmet with two visors, the clear one is used, and has small cracks, probably seen its day, the tinted one is brand new, you will need screws for both sides to secure the visor to the helmet. An altimeter, and paperwork for the cypress. This rig has not been cleaned up in any shape or form, I want you to see it as it was used, no camouflage. This Red Devils container is sought after by jumpers. If there are any questions I'll be pleased to help.

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Mar 2004
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