video editor/premier pro needed for youtube in Glasgow City

I'm looking for long term video editor for my youtube channel and i need you to create 12 paranormal compilation videos 15-30 mins long each.

This is what im looking for the videos below

My price is £95 for each video no higher

I will provide the document for all the requirements of what exactly needs done for each video later on.

All you will be doing is just editing and putting each clip from the videos I want you to use, all the videos i want you to use for each video, are included in the requirements. I also need you to create a motion graphic and 2 very short animations, so youll need experience in premier pro or after effects.
if you have account on elements.evanto for these than this would be prefered.

You will not be creating any of the text as all the text for you to use in each video are in the requirements.
I will need you to create 1 twitter insta animation for each video like in this video at 0.12

You will be adding a red glow that will appear around the name of the youtubers channel, for some of the videos like in this video where a black glow appears around the youtubers name at 0.08
Or if you have a envato.elements account then you can just use a template with a glow effect that forms around an object.

I will need two versions of the same video for each video, one with all the text for the voice over to read out at certain timestamps mentioned in the doc and the other one wil have the audio replaced instead of the text, which i will provide the audio file for each voiceover.
Both versions for each video will be the same; the only difference is that one will have the text for the voiceover to read out and the other will have the actual voiceover clip instead of all the texts, but at the same timestamps as when the text shows.

So you will have 2 of the same video for each video but one with text and one without the text replaced with the voiceover audio instead.

I'm looking for ongoing long term but i will be paying you to create 12 videos in advance each year.

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