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Might call this a midlife crisis, I am 47 I know want one big year of adventure. At the age of 20 I travelled to Australia to prove to everyone including myself with my learning difficulties and mental health that I could do something crazy and travel the other side of the world and plan a crazy adventure by myself I don't know how I did it but I have managed. I don't have the finances like I did so I can't do whole yeah just travelling but I have no family nothing no ties so I'm looking for someone to travel with maybe for a week maybe for month come back to England and plan another long journey just the whole yeah travelling coming back travelling. Need someone who's confident good at reading you don't have to be at my side all the time you can explore places by yourself when we get to our destination preferably I woman's company because I relaxed more and feel less intimidated then with a man Read more

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Michael Knight
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