recruiting charity fundraisers in London

Who we are and what we do:
From Rehab to Life Foundation (Charity Regional Number: 1188034) is not only an
educational tool in relation to crime and punishment, but also a spiritual guide to improve
mental well-being and emotional balance. This reduces crime and prevents family and
relationship breakdowns which are so prevalent in our society today but promotes a better
awareness of oneself and good citizenship, thereby cultivating a culture of care and
What we require:
Currently, we arelooking for fundraisers who are interested in working for our charity as a
bucket fundraiser. This is a fantastic opportunity to work for our charity and be able to give
back to our communities!
This includes:
Our fundraisers are responsible for raising money by encouraging donations from
individuals at supermarkets, shopping centres, on a high street authorised by the
council & train stations.
Giving out the right information and sources to individuals, e.g. if they need
information in contacting the charity guide them to the correct place.
We have a variety of pre-booked locations all around the UK and we allow
fundraisers to choose where they would like to work and what days.
What we expect from our fundraisers:
Taking Initiative - Initiative is all about taking charge. It is having the motivation to
accomplish tasks on your own. If you want to be great at what you do, you need to show that
you are ready, able, and willing to get things done without being asked.
Positive Attitude - Having a positive attitude is more important than the knowledge an
employee brings to the table. A positive attitude is infectious. It spreads to all others in the
workplace. Also, if you are a positive person, you tend to be more curious about things.
Dependable and Responsible - Being dependable means that you do what you say you
will do. We value employees who come to work on time and take responsibility for all their
What they will receive:
We will provide you with full training.
We will provide them a reference if required.
We will provide them with a certificate for participating with our charity.
If you are interested in this fundraising position, please do not hesitate to contact us.We
look forward to hearing from you.

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