i will give you a secret to be millionaire in 4 or 2 years with proven ways in Manchester

£ 20 to £ 100

I have a degree in management informatics and I have about 20 years of experience in information technology. I am a systems administration specialist, I am a senior technician for iseries as400, I have a successful sales website paytobuyit.com, I am a specialist in image and website design, I am a bitcoin investor, consultant and I also do trading. I became a specialized financial advisor and have changed the lives of many people. I could take this course for free, but there is a clear phenomenon, that people tend to follow more what they pay. Don't just do what the most people do, 95% of the people don't just do nothing, they don't act, be part of my team, the millionaire crypto team, we are only 5%. Put this all in work and change your life in record time.
I will:
1.Give you my Investment plan. Worth 3k
I'll give all the steps to start earning to reach 1.000.000$ in 4 or 2 Years.

2.Mentor you till you start earning. Worth 5k.
I'll be mentoring step by step till you start earning.

3.Mentor you till start earning and be confident and do all the job alone. Worth 7k
I'll be mentoring step by step till you start earning and be confident.

I am at your service, can wait to start working

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