Seeking Bilingual Child Actors With Exceptional Talents! in London

AllRight is an online school which specializes in teaching English to young learners. We are looking for inspirational children who speak English as a second language to tell the world about how learning English has changed their lives. We are currently only seeking applicants who are fluent in Spanish, Polish, Italian, or German, as well as English.

Requirements are as follows:
-Comfortable and charismatic in front of a camera or film crew
-Aged 8-15 and fluent in English as well as a native speaker of Spanish, Polish, Italian, or German.
-Have a special talent which they can demonstrate and talk about for 3-5 minutes.
-Be willing to attend the filming days which are specified below.

Successful candidates will be expected to spend a couple of hours filming and following a script on the 2nd or 3rd October at our filming locations in London or Manchester.

AllRight is willing to reimburse travel costs to the filming location as well as pay £75-£125 for filming, which will be around 2 hours.

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