30 minutes a day to build a business from home? in Weston Super Mare



Can you really build a business with just 30 minutes a day?

How often do you use social media?
How often do you send a text message?
How often do you message on WhatsApp?

5 maybe 10 minutes at a time? Over the course of a day, you may be surprised how long you actually spend on your phone/laptop/computer. You don't even need to do 30 minutes in 1 go, as spreading out your time works better.

Advertise your online store via these methods and you can build your own business from home. Your customers will use your link to buy their products, pay directly and the delivery will go straight to them, you, however, will still earn a commission.

If you want to build with brochures, this option is still available, whether you just give out a few to friends and family or want to include your local area to build a bigger business.

How big your business becomes is up to you. How much time you devote to your business is up to you. Selling online only is up to you. Selling with brochures is up to you. Selling with both is up to you.

This is your business and how you work it is up to you. I will, however, be available to help and guide you to build how you want.

With a successful team of representatives selling both online and with brochures, they can answer your questions on our team group page as well as your own local groups.

For a no obligation chat please get in touch

If you are interested in becoming a team leader have a look at my website for more details and contact me for more information.

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