Community Care Worker in Leyton

£ 8 to £ 9

Job Purpose - Community Care Assistant:
To provide personal care and practical support for Service Users living in their home within a small community area in Waltham Forest and any other Borough as specified by the Management of Grossdale Care Agency.
Your role will also include to help your Service User to maintain relationships with neighbours, the neighbourhood and familiar activities and surroundings, providing social contact, especially for Service Users who live alone. Furthermore, to provide assistance to your Colleagues and Health Care Professionals to deliver care for your Service User. Your ultimate role will be the face of 'Care in the Community' and acting as our Representative.

1.1 Personal Care:
1.1.1 Dressing and undressing / preparing the Service User for Day Care or trips out.
1.1.2 Washing / bathing / showering / shaving / grooming / cleaning teeth.
1.1.3 Hair care (washing / brushing).
1.1.4 Toileting and all aspects of personal hygiene.
1.1.5 Continence management.
1.1.6 Care of pressure sores (under appropriate nursing supervision).
1.1.7 Getting in and out of bed.
1.1.8 Assisting with the use of Aids to Daily Living / Rehabilitation Aids, as required.
1.1.9 helping with rehabilitation programmes, as prescribed by Healthcare Professionals.
1.1.10 Any other reasonable task assigned to you by the Care Co-ordinator or Service Manager

1.2 Healthcare - assisting the Service User to take prescribed medication where appropriately trained.

1.3 Dietary Care:
1.3.1 Preparation of snacks and light meals according to the Service User's preferences
To warm meal in microwave and prepare Service User to eat his/her meal
1.3.2 Assisting with feeding, as required.
1.4 Domestic / Household Services:
1.4.1 General cleaning duties, to include cleaning / dusting / vacuuming / polishing.
1.4.2 Bed-making.
1.4.3 Clearing refuse and rubbish.
1.4.4 Laundry / Washing plates and pots after use / ironing
1.4.6 Shopping, and the preparation of shopping lists and assistance with budgeting.

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