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Wanted - Van Owner Willing To Share Stalls At Record Fairs And/Or Transport Other Dealer(s) Cheaply! in Liverpool

£ 30 to £ 60


Wanted - Van Owner Willing To Share Stalls At Record Fairs And/Or Transport Other Dealer(s) Cheaply!

I have a somewhat unusual request...

I am epileptic and so cannot drive. A friend of mine has another medical condition which has worsened to the point where he also can no longer drive. We both sell records, CDs, books, etc from stalls at record/book/collectors fairs up and down the land at weekends, usually with another mate of ours who is also into this- and who has a big van! ;)
Alas, though, THIS mate is increasingly unable to provide the transport for the three of us as he is busy elsewhere some weekends and often having problems with his van...

So, my mate and I are looking for someone else to provide our transport when necessary.
- do you have a van? (A car, even a large one, would be too small, alas.)
- (1) are you a record/book dealer?
- (1) if not would you LIKE to be one? ;) If not full-time, well, just as a weekend (these fairs are always on weekends/Bank Holidays) side-line? Do you happen to have a load of records, CDs, DVDs, books, etc. you want shot of and wouldn't mind getting a few bob for them?
- (2) or would you be happy to simply provide transport for us?

If option 1 applies then we would negotiate how we divided-up between us the overall cost of the day- stall-rent, fuel, etc. If you are someone who already stands at such events, or who wants to start doing so, AND you have a van with spare capacity and live in or near Liverpool then this is a no-brainer for you- by pooling our resources your costs will be reduced.

If option 2 was taken up it would mean that we would pay for your fuel, any parking or toll fees, plus a bit of 'wages' on top. I say 'a bit' because we wouldn't, frankly, be able to pay an awful lot on top of our stall-rent, fuel/parking/toll costs and still be likely to make much of a profit on the day for ourselves- alas, most of these fairs aren't brilliant for us... but we still like doing 'em. ;)
The amount of wages we could pay would be somewhat negotiable but, say, £30 would be a ballpark figure- though if we did happen to have a particularly good day's trading our driver would get a bonus! ;)

There would, though, be a perk to the job in that our driver could also pick out free records/CDs/DVDs/books from our stock, within reason- i.e. not hundreds of quids' worth each time!

In addition it would, of course, be a day out! Between dropping us off at 8-9am and picking us up again at 3-5pm (depending on the fair) you would be a Free Agent- we wouldn't need you for anything in those 6-9 hours.
So, I mean, if you had something more important/better-paying to be doing on a particular day then, of course, you should do that. But if you haven't, and would just be hanging around the house otherwise, then why not get paid a few bob to have a day out, have a mooch around the fair, have a look around the towns we are in (Manchester, Leeds, Doncaster, Buxton, Blackpool, Stoke, etc)? If it happened to be one of the closer events we do (Warrington or somewhere within Merseyside) you could even nip home again during the intervening hours, if you wanted to.

Of course, if the driver happened to be able to fit in another 'job' in that area between dropping us off and picking us up again that would be ideal for them.

Similarly, if they happened to have relatives or friends in the area they could call and see them before returning for us.

(I'm making this sound a bit like the old Army recruitment ads which read 'Join The Army And See The World!', aren't I? 'Join Den and Tony's Record-Selling Endeavour And See Northern England!' ;) )

If you are able and willing to fulfil either of the two options I have outlined please drop me a line. Oh, and don't worry if you would be free to do this only on certain weekends and not others- that's fine, any offers are better than none, and we won't demand you are ALWAYS on-call! :)

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