Software/Websites help - 35 years in IT - I can help in Portsmouth

Do you need help with your software/project?

Very skilled software developer, past retirement, now 35+ years in IT development, don't want to retire just yet -
a great contractor/outsourcer!

A Brit, been away in USA for a long time, British citizen
plus US resident (even have worked in Silicon Valley), now back for personal reasons, to stay. Once a commuter, now wish to work as close to South Coast as possible, for personal reasons, to live with/look after my elderly mother in Portsmouth, she is quite active but I don't want to be too far from home now

Many senior roles including Senior Developer, Tech lead, Project Manager, Software Director, owner of small consultancies both UK and USA

Very experienced in project development over many years, both large teams and solo projects for clients

15+ yrs a .Net specialist, many years VB.NET also several years recent C#

Very well rounded in .Net and adaptable, lots of Webforms, good Mvc, jQuery, a little Angular, plus recent, .Net "Core", currently upgrading some of my several websites to .Net Core/Mvc/C#

I have been more recently a contractor/outsourcer for a long time

I can help you too

Rob Bartlett

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152 weeks ago
Rob Bartlett
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