Negative Online Reviews Affecting Your Business ? in Westminster

When you work hard to build a good, ethical business, it's always infuriating when a random person has the power to destroy what took you years to build. Negative reviews can seriously affect your business for many years, at review to remove we maybe able to assist the removal of these reviews.

A lot of the time negative comments are posted on business review pages which are not from genuine customers. Getting these comments removed can be costly,time consuming and not always guaranteed,the challenge is that search engines don't know who your customers are, and they won't accept "this wasn't a customer" as an acceptable reason to remove a review, since they allow people to use anonymous usernames. In most cases, it's extremely difficult to prove the identity of someone online.
The other challenge is that a person doesn't have to be a customer to be eligible to leave a review. They have to have a "customer experience," which could be anything from trying to call you and getting your voicemail to dropping by your office and just browsing around.

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