Create own augmented reality experience with UniteAR, in London


UniteAR is an augmented Reality platform which allows users create high-quality device compatible augmented reality experience with all types of contents including 3D models, video, gif, and custom interactive buttons.
UniteAR can be used for any verticals such aseducation, real estate, marketing/branding, healthcare, fashion, retail,e-commerce, manufacturer, and events.
The UniteAR platform gives the userthe complete freedom to create, and experience AR in their owncomforts. UniteAR enables you to redesign your reality with your own creative contents; there are no restrictions for the content types or size.
All you need to do is, sign up and take your business to the next level with the immersive, interactive multi-sensory experience.
Start augmenting with UniteAR and walk with us to the future.

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