Fully customised Support Services to help you with all your admin tasks in Halifax

Free services due to building a portfolio of work completed and to help all affected by coronavirus!! Self employed? Own your own business? Simply want to save yourself time and money by making your everyday tasks automated? At Ongoing Solutions we design bespoke systems using Microsoft office to automate your everyday tasks, allowing you more time for yourself, your customers and employees. From appointment booking systems, to quote generators, annual leave planners to staff time/pay sheets, we will work with you to design a solution that meets your needs. You will receive ongoing support to help adapt and update any solution provided in line with any change in your needs. As we are at the beginning of our business journey, we are offering our services for free, allowing us to build up a portfolio of work completed and understand customer demand. All we would ask for in return for the work we complete would be a review and recommendation of the work we completed. Currently we are working full time in this exact area, but looking to move self employed. Read more

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