9D VR CINEMA in Camden

Have you ever thought about the realistic&shocking audio-visual experiences in 9d virtual reality cinema? Sometimes you feel the fall, sometimes bumpy or narrowly missed the flying meteorites, sometimes feel the stimulation of the roller coaster.perhaps, it can make you have close encounters with roles in the game.VR movie theater takes you to the critical point of virtual and reality, leading you to enter into distinct different VR world.

Why Choose Yingda Technology?

1). VR Core Hardware Independent Production
2). Strength of Independent VR Film Content Development
3). VR Cinema Successful Case

Yingda 9D VR Cinema--we use the immersive power of virtual reality to give mass audiences the most thrilling story experiences of their lives, it can gain good business with big profits.

As the continuous development of this VR industry, Yingda has greatly upgraded the VR chair from the 1.0 version to 2.0 version 9D 360 VR chair. This chair is both with innovative technology and updated style for oversea customers, it is surely our 5DOF 360 VR chair, which is experienced and gained good feedbacks from different customers in the world. We always focus on the quality&technology to create incredible entertainments for audiences, so that our partners will make small business become larger than before through our continuous efforts and newest technology products. At the same time, Yingda can make great performances in this virtual reality industry until now, we have more confidence in helping clients improve their business&create more opportunity to make good profits in this industry.

360 VR chair is with 5DOF motion effects and make viewers enjoy exciting virtual reality experience with 360 free visions, such as chair movement left/right, up/down, forward/back &2DOF 360 degree spinning left/right motions. Combined with our Yingda innovative virtual reality technology, interactive simulation, and powerful movies, it is to create a new way of memorable entertainment, it can also use this profitable venture to yield big returns for overseas customers in the world.

VR Chair Product Features:

Free 360 Vision
One seat
Interactive Seat with Shooting Trigger
5D Movies
Head Tracking Target
Vertical Lift
360spinning chairsway left/right)
5DOF 9D VR 360Chair(3DOF+2DOF)
Amazing Virtual Reality Experiences

9D VR 360Chair:

Place of Origin: Yingda, China
Brand Name: 4DMAX
Model Number: YD4DMAX-9DVR1
Type: 1-Seat, 9DVR1
Usage: Amusement Center, Theme Park, Shopping Mall,etc
Glasses: VR Headset
Chair special effects:Vibration,Rain,Wind,Smell,etc.
Film: 90 films
Warranty: 1-Year

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