HostEvent - Create event app for your conference, seminar, corporate events, training events in Watford

HostEvent we are passionate about taking your event experience to the next level and we believe that sharing your event should be simple and easy - at a price that makes sense.
HostEvent is perfect for corporate meetings, conferences, training events, or even social functions.


Publish event Agenda and share documents or files related to session
Enter event locations
Send instant notifications during your events
Update important info related to an event
List event speakers
Publish sponsors info
Conduct survey during the event and view survey results on phone.
See who is attending the event with attendees feature
Bring life to your events with our Social media like Event Activity page. Where event attendees can post messages, photos, like and comment on the post.
Connect with event attendees
Allow one on one connection and messaging with other event attendees
Bring gamification in your events with Leaderboard ranking based on activity
Allow event registration and event admin can scan the registered users through their mobile phone
Upload throwback photos, a video about past and current event

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