Treadmill or exercise bike: which is the best option to lose weight? in Newry and Mourne

Are you one or one of those who find it difficult to lose weight? Do you want to make sure you choose the most effective methods? Most of us go through the same thing.

We know that losing weight does not depend only on exercise, but it is a factor without which it is more difficult to achieve an adequate body composition to stay healthy and feel good. But is all exercise equally effective? Of course not. Watch training videos at

That is why today we will compare treadmills with exercise bikes from the eyes of a user who aims to lose weight in the most effective way possible. In this article you will find evidence and opinions that will remove all your doubts. Shall we start?

Stationary bike or treadmill? What is more effective?
We don't all exercise for the same reason, right? Many users seek to increase muscle mass, others simply to stay active, others to rehabilitate from injuries and others to lose weight.

Well, if the objectives are different, they will also be the most effective tools to achieve them. Therefore, how effective a team is will depend on what you hope to achieve with it.

With this I try to be clear in the sense that the analysis that we share today only focuses on comparing the stationary bicycle and the treadmill for the purposes of losing weight. For other purposes, you will need other types of evaluations.

On the other hand, as I always say on my blog, there are no infallible recipes. Just as each person is unique, so is what works for them. That is why, regardless of my conclusions about the effectiveness of a team, it is always better to try it for yourself.

What to evaluate on a stationary bike and on a treadmill to lose weight?
If you better do your own assessment, you need to know how to do it. For this reason, I have defined five variables that I consider key so that you can discover which exercise could be best for you.

Calories burned
The first point to consider is how many calories you can burn in a treadmill session versus a stationary bike session. In principle, if you research, you will find information that indicates that the treadmill helps burn more calories than the bicycle.

This is due to the more integral position and work of the upper and lower body on the belt, which would generate more wear, which I will not discuss, but I will not take as a "holy word".

It is true that on a treadmill you can regulate the resistance, incline the platform to run more demandingly increasing energy consumption and that the stationary bike focuses more on the exclusive work of the lower body.

Now, there are ways in which you can alternate exercises with weights while pedaling, to work arms and you can also regulate the resistance to obtain very demanding stationary bike sessions, believe me.

In addition, if you find working on the bike more comfortable because you are sitting down and because it is more suited to your tastes, you may be able to sustain this exercise longer than the treadmill, increasing the calories burned per session.

In fact, if you look at the list of activities that most energetic exhaustion achieves in half an hour of practice, you will see that Harvard Health Publishing places in the number one point the stationary bicycle used vigorously that helps burn between 315 and 466 calories.

In its list of sports activities, the race takes the number one position with a maximum of 733 calories at a speed of 6 minutes every 1.6 km (although it refers to running on the ground), wear that decreases when slowing down. It is followed by road cycling at 32 km / h which achieves similar results.

Ease of use and enjoyment
Although it may seem minor, how easy your equipment is to assemble, use and store will be a crucial factor in your results. You see, nobody burns calories without exercising. The more you exercise, the more weight you lose (if you eat right, of course).

Then an equipment that is easy to use and to assemble will be more used than a complicated one. The same goes for the enjoyment of the activity. Even if it is less demanding, if you find that one of the equipment is more suited to your taste, you will surely use it more and more time.

Joint impact and injuries
Although the joint impact does not have a direct relationship with losing weight, the truth is that many users with excess weight must be very careful when choosing what sports to do to protect their joints, especially the knees (studies).

In this case, the treadmills, although they have technologies that seek to reduce these impacts, tend to be more harmful due to the rebound. They even tend to have higher accident or injury rates.

According to a CNN note, "The treadmill is the most dangerous piece of exercise equipment and accounted for 24,400 visits to the emergency room in 2014, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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