Customer Service Sales and Marketing Apprentice in Hull

Welcome to The Northern Foundry; a place of creation and skilled operation.
With our roots being in Yorkshire, it's safe to say we are Northern.

The North is notorious for honest, determined hard workers and we take pride in that and our team represents that as well along side their inventive and creative skills.

We have spread our Northern skills and work ethic all across the UK to businesses of all sizes in all industries and we continue to do that and even spreading the Northern hard work across Europe and internationally.

Our team is made up from like-minded individuals that come together with each of their own unique skills and ideas to form our Northern Foundry team. From web developers to marketing managers and designers all with an abundance of creativity we have a perfect fit for all marketing needs.

United by an ethos of togetherness, solidarity and loyalty, much like the northerners gone before us, we believe that nothing needs less refinement when it comes to working relationships with our clients.
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The Northern Foundry
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