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Proofreading Services £15 per A4 page/800 words in Gloucester



I'm a professional proofreader working towards a UK recognised qualification in proofreading from the Publishing Training centre (PTC). I offer services to individual clients as well as businesses as long as I have a single contact to enable me to work to the best of my ability.

A proofreader looks for consistency in usage and presentation, and accuracy in text, images and layout.

What does a proofreader do?

- Compare the proofs to the edited copy line by line or read 'blind'.
- Check page numbers and page headings.
- Check the table of contents against chapter titles, page numbers and endmatter - appendices, index, etc.
- Ensure consistent styles - of spellings and hyphenation particularly - by following a style guide, if supplied, or compiling their own.
- Watch out for omissions and inconsistencies in typography, layout and content.
- Judge the need for changes in view of the budget and schedule. Changing just one word can have drastic knock-on effects.
- Identify necessary changes and mark the proof (on paper or screen) using British Standards Institution (BSI) marks or another agreed method.
- Check or insert cross-references where appropriate.
- Eliminate inelegant or confusing word, column and page breaks, including 'widows' and 'orphans' - short last or first lines of a paragraph at the top or the bottom of a page, respectively.
- Ensure that illustrations, captions and labels correspond with each other and with the text.
- Check that content looks right and is logically arranged.
- Liaise with the author(s) to resolve queries or advise the client.
- Collate the author's changes with others, including their own, rationalising or querying conflicting instructions.

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