Mediation Services in Ashford

Mediation is an effective method of resolving disputes between parties.

90% of meditations do result in an agreement desired by each party to the dispute.

A mediator is a neutral, in dependent professional who will assist in negotiating a mutually agreeable settlement.

Mediation provides a relaxed, non-confrontational and safe environment.

Mediation is cost effective compared to the financial drain of going to court.

All discussions and information disclosed during the mediation are confidential.

This allows a safe exploration of all the issues of the case.

Mediation allows the parties to preserve or rebuild relationships.

All sides are empowered to work constructively together to achieve a workable agreement.

Courts are increasingly promoting mediation as the 1st step to as early as possible dispute resolution.

Thus deterring the escalation of court action.

Mediation can help with With
Boundary Disputes
Tenant and Landlord
Commercial Issues
Neighbourhood Disputes
Community Issues
Financial Disputes
Insurance Disputes
Intellectual Property
Employment and Workplace
Management Issues
Sickness and Absence
Relationship Breakdowns
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