CIVIL CASES & APPEALS PREPARED IN YOUR NAME! Become a competent Litigant in Person! (LIP) in London

Only in rare and complex matters of a quite technical, or of commercial nature, beset with complicated legal rules, will one usually, or 'absolutely', (as may also be advised by a Judge) require a Solicitor, or indeed a Barrister, to argue civil matters on one's behalf. For the most part, arguments may be advanced on one's own merits, certainly by an advantage of first hand knowledge regarding the circumstances, properly laid out. Of course, I am not suggesting that it will be a merry walk in the park accompanied by man's best friend. If only everything in life were that simple!

Undoubtedly you will require some understanding of the rules of court, known as the Civil Procedures Rules (CPR) to efficiently file or 'lodge' your application accordingly. This is where I'll be able to greatly assist your cause, show you the ropes, as it were, amongst other things, boost your confidence, indicate key pointers, advise on drafting arguments, assist in setting out your grounds, guide you along your way to being a competent Litigant in person advocating for your rights, with or without me appointed as your 'McKenzie Friend'. This could be quite an exciting experience which would give you a great sense of accomplishment.

So, there you have it! Telephone for an initial free consultation.

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Ghost Counsel George
(Non-Practising/Retired Barrister)

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