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Uptime Automation's employees are highly-trained, experienced and dedicated to the success of our business. Uptime auto is the best company that provides you PLC SYSTEM DESIGN AND PROGRAMMING

Programmable controllers are at the core of process control. These controllers may be small, dedicated micro or loop controllers, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC), or Distributed Control Systems (DCS). Uptime Automation has been successfully implementing programmable controllers since our company's founding. In fact, we are a leader in the process-control industry, recognized as an authorized System Integrator (SI) by all major industrial programmable controller manufacturers.

Uptime Automation's success and recognition as a programmable controller system integrator can be attributed to our many years of experience and our proven project methodology that includes:

Writing open, easily maintained programs
Documenting programs with instruction comments, tag descriptors, rung comments and annotated program files
Utilizing standard template methodology that includes repeated functions such as motor control, valve control and analog input control. Our template methodology provides:
oProgram consistency
oEase of troubleshooting
oThorough documentation
oRapid program development
oA customer training tool
We have developed templates that include:
oMotor control
oValve control
oAnalog monitoring
oDiscrete alarms
oPID control loops (feed forward, cascade, etc.)
Our process-control programming expertise has been applied across many industries for many different process applications, including:
oStandards development
oWeb line handling
oBulk materials handling
oRecipe management
oLead/lag logic
oVariable frequency drives
oAlarm handling
oFGIS Secure and Protected PLC's
oSCADA systems
oLanguages-Ladder Logic, Sequential Function Chart, Structured Text, Function Block Diagram
oRFID and bar code systems
oMotion control
The control panel design and electrical schematics documentation form the blueprint for a successful process-control system installation. Control panels are designed to meet both the needs of the equipment being housed and environmental requirements. The electrical schematics provide the means by which a process-control system is initially installed and then maintained and expanded as production needs evolve.

Uptime Automation's project methodology, which includes creation of a Project Database, ensures that the documentation created for a project is accurate and can be readily used by maintenance personnel. To reduce your costs and maximize quality, we use standard AutoCAD drawing templates, an internally developed symbols library and Project Database-generated object attributes.

Our control-panel design experience takes into account both the internal and external factors that dictate the panel requirements, including:

Enclosure sizing
Environment: temperature, humidity
Heating and cooling needs
Atmosphere: corrosive, explosive
Area classification-Class I, II or III, Divisions 1 & 2
Explosion-proof enclosures
Purged enclosures
Intrinsically safe enclosures
Arc flash
Agency listings: UL, CSA, UE
Control Panel Design, Build And Testing
The logical design and layout of the electrical schematics provide a useful tool not only for a seamless installation but also for ongoing maintenance and support, which are a result of incorporating the following:

Power One-Line diagram
Network One-Line Diagram
Control network(s): I/O, Ethernet, motors and VFDs, instruments
I/O wiring schematics
Area classification: Class I, II or III, Divisions 1 & 2
Panel and field wiring schematics

SCADA And HMI Design And Programming Services
SCADA systems (supervisory control and data acquisition) are essential for almost all process markets, from chemical to petroleum, oil and gas to pharmaceuticals. Allow Uptime Automation's engineers provide you with the information and control that you need to make your system operate smoothly and efficiently. We have skilled automation engineers that can control your complex systems to enable easy operation for your staff. Leverage our years of experience to improve your operation.

Our Services
We offer custom installation of many well-known SCADA and HMI Systems. These systems include, but are not limited to:

Allen Bradley RSView ME and SE
Iconics Genesis 32 and 64
GE Cimplicity and Proficy IFIX
ABB Automation Builder and Compact Control Suite
Siemens WinCC
and many others...
Key Benefits
Reduce waste
Rework and process variability
Process optimization
Quality, compliance improvements
Performance and productivity
Key Capabilities
Data collection, system connectivity
HMI visualization and SCADA
Advanced trending and reporting
MES and batching
Integration with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Maintenance Management , ERP and other systems


Onsite Technical Service And Support

Timely onsite service and support
Coordination and Management

Remote System Support

Secure internet connection
Support and Service Contracts

System Upgrades

Upgrade legacy PLC, DCS or Loop controls
Blast hole drill control and motor drives
Equipment controls and power


Operator and Management
Service and support personnel


Programming Support
Uptime Automation is fully proficient in many different Industrial Automation software packages. Below is a short list of the software used regularly by the Uptime Automation Engineers.

Uptime Automation's skilled field technicians with mechanical, electrical and controls expertise are available to support your maintenance activities through contract and non-contract arrangements.

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