Taiwan Asia based translator interpreter local fixer marketer rep in Westminster

Do you need a company representative in China Taiwan or Chinese speaking Asia? Are you visiting Taiwan or China and need a fluent and skilled interpreter while you are here? Do you need a local buyer in Taiwan or China that you can trust to find the best price from suppliers? Do you need a well presented representative to attend trade shows who can speak Chinese extremely fluently? would you like to expand your business in to the Asian market and require a local consultant who can guide you on the best way forward and give you answers to questions you may have? Do you want someone who can find startups or innovative companies locally in Asia to invest in? I'm the perfect person to help you do all of those things.

about me: I'm a british citizen who's lived in Taipei, Taiwan as well as other countries in Asia for many years and I have a wide network of professional and government contacts. I can speak chinese without an accent and can effortlessly interpret back and forth between Chinese and English. I have a long hisyory of work experience in the Fin-tech, IOT and marketing industry. I'm polite and courteous and leave a good impression. Taiwanese Chinese people love talking to me and treat me like one of their own because I have no foreign accent.

I'm currently looking for a permanent job but I would also accept work on a freelance or contract basis

if you have any requests or questions feel free to contact me via email.

thank you,

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