Cooke Media UK | Based in Manchester, covering the North West and UK in Manchester

We offer Web Design and Media services to individuals as well as businesses.

All the Websites we Design and Build look brilliant, modern and professional thanks to us using only the latest HMTL5 Technology, unlike budget, cowboy designers who use Wordpress!

We have been confused, conned, chewed up and spat out by Web Design companies promising the World via gargantuan, non-effective and or hideously overpriced Website's draining profits from your business!

We are different. We state the facts, give you a realistic quote and have Website built on hard work and research rather than through the brazen use of cheap though together Wordpress Sites. We actually want to help you make a positive step, change, and transformation towards the online world of the future. We are honest, hard-working, straight-talking guys who are out to better the industry and stop people getting conned by cowboys and crooks.

We believe that by choosing a small, independent website design company, you can keep the cost of your website development to a minimum as we don't have the expensive overheads of a larger design agency. However, we do offer a comparable service, having invested in quality UK-based virtual private servers which the sites are hosted on, and also being able to offer full hosting and support.

Content sits at the heart of everything we do and it's the junction of it meets awe-inspiring audience data that we exist. We use that powerful combination to craft audience-focused strategies that resonate with the audiences you want and need to grow for the future of your business. So, whether you are looking for search-focused revenue growth or a partner that understands how to achieve brand awareness in the era of the influencer then you're in safe hands.

Our approach is a simple one: understand the audience and you know how to win. We use an arsenal of proprietary tools to paint a vivid picture of exactly who your prospective customers are, what makes them tick and where they are right now to build a strategy that will not only meet objectives but exceed expectations.

We have an ever-growing portfolio of satisfied customers and continue to work with them on a regular basis.

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